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Request for Applications (RFA) to present at the 2010 CTC Innovation@Work Program at Pitney Bowes

October 6, 2010 Program at Host Company:

Attention: CEO's, CTO's and Directors of Business Development of Technology-based Companies From: The Connecticut Technology Council Date: August 17, 2010 Re: Request for Applications (RFA) to present at the 2010 CTC Innovation@Work Program at Pitney Bowes

LINK TO APPLICATION FORM ONLINE: The deadline to respond to this request for applications (RFA) is Monday, August 30, 2010.

An Opportunity: To present your ideas, innovations, products or services before the technology, marketing and manufacturing management leadership of Pitney Bowes, one of country's most prominent providers of integrated mail, messaging and document management solutions.

The Event: October 6, 2010 with the senior technology and innovation executives from Pitney Bowes at their Stamford, Connecticut World Headquarters.

Details: Your firm will be applying to be selected to meet with the senior executives at Pitney Bowes to review opportunities to collaborate and to serve as a technology supplier. See more details below.


Dear Technology Leader:

Bringing large and small firms together in a setting that promotes strategic partnering is one of the most important roles that the Connecticut Technology Council plays as Connecticut’s leading innovation oriented trade association.

CTC is delighted to announce the seventh program in the “Innovation@Work” series – a program designed to facilitate collaboration opportunities between the state’s leading technology companies and selected medium and smaller sized technology firms.

This program offers companies the opportunity to meet the largest and most dynamic advanced technology companies in the state. Please read these application guidelines below carefully, as we are currently looking for companies to be part of the event and to spend the day with the leaders from the technology and innovation departments of Pitney Bowes in Stamford.

During this event, beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 4:00 PM on October 6, 2010, a group of selected companies will have an opportunity to present their innovative technology, business model, process and product concepts to the senior leaders of Pitney Bowes representing its business units and various corporate functional areas (technology, product development, marketing and strategy). Selected companies will also have the opportunity to learn about technology deployed in the behind-the-scenes workings of one of the world’s most entrepreneurial firms – an innovation leader for decades in many different business areas. Participating companies will receive feed back on their presentations and proposals and may be invited to participate in follow-up interviews.

Stamford-based Pitney Bowes is a global provider of integrated mail, messaging and document management solutions. The company’s slogan is “Engineering the flow of communication” to achieve "mission-critical" everyday. The company is dedicated to helping customers worldwide achieve their communications objectives using document management and multi-channel messaging. Starting in the mail and the print stream and expanding into digital documents, Pitney Bowes has developed unique capabilities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the communication flow critical to business. From revenue flows to information flows, from the flow of marketing programs to the flow of customer support functions, the company engineers processes and technologies to save businesses time and money while achieving mission-critical goals. Pitney Bowes delivers these benefits to businesses and postal services worldwide. For more information about Pitney Bowes, please visit the company web site,

Executives from each company selected to present will have aExecutives from each company selected to present will have a chance to spend time directly with the appropriate technology and business executives to discuss how their firm might be able to work with Pitney Bowes. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the methods of a leading global and historically important Connecticut firm, while also having a chance to make quality connections that may help your business grow.

Below is a broad list of emerging technologies, products and business models that Pitney Bowes is looking to find partners to help develop, implement and deliver. Please review the following list. To be selected for this Innovation@Work, you must have a technology, concept, product or idea relevant to Pitney Bowes within the following seven areas:

  1. Customer Communication Management (CCM) including technology, process, product and business models for customer acquisition, relations and retention

  2. Target profiling and segmentation

  3. Message data preparation and composition

  4. Multi-channel output (email, SMS, Web, Print & mail, Social Media)

  5. Customer response management and analysis ( e.g. call centers data management and response analytics)

  6. CCM IT platforms integrating and mining data from multiple and diverse sources

  7. Collection and processing of data from social networks

  8. Automation of business processes in billing, collections and statements using SaaS tools

  9. Tools for SaaS deployment as a business model and technology

  10. Secure Transaction Systems (secure capture, processing and communication of information related to business transactions) in various vertical markets (financial, government, retail, health care)

  11. Smart meters

  12. Life cycle management of secure physical and digital documents from creation to disposal

  13. Technology for self-service systems (e.g. kiosks)

  14. IT systems and technology for shipment and freight optimization and outsourced transportation management

  15. Location intelligence (geo-coding technology and applications)

Internet of Things (including ID management and effective methods of presentation and capturing information using physical media for computer to computer communications)

Applying to Participate in Innovation@Work

Please fill out the application at  We are asking for a concise and clear description of your technology, product or services in no more than 250 words. Please define the problem your technology solves and outline its unique benefits. We expect to select a maximum of 20 firms to participate.

Whatever is submited should be non-confidential information that you are able to share with CTC staff, your potential competitors and Pitney Bowes’s leadership. You may be asked to sign an appropriate release document. If selected, a principal in the company will be expected to make a ten minute “PowerPoint” presentation followed by a few minutes of Q&A. We also ask that you bring a 22” wide x 34” high color poster (we will provide an easel) about your concept and firm on October 6, 2010. We will supply you with templates for both the PowerPoint and the poster.

The deadline to respond to this request for applications (RFA) is Midnight, Monday, August 30, 2010. If you have questions, email Paige Rasid at or contact her   860-289-0878 x335.We hope you will take advantage of the opportunities that Innovation@Work can provide to you.

By applying, the applicant acknowledges and agrees that all information supplied or disclosed in connection with the program is non-confidential and no person shall have any obligations of confidentiality unless such person signs a confidentiality agreement. Any information you include will be reviewed by Pitney Bowes and may be published by the CTC.

Neither the Connecticut Technology Council, the host company, nor any of the participants have any obligations regarding the suitability of this program for any participating company, the selection criteria that will be used, or the consequences of participating in this program.

LINK TO APPLICATION FORM ONLINE: The deadline to respond to this request for applications (RFA) is Monday, August 30, 2010.

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