Women of Innovation

Sponsorship Levels
Deadline is Sept 15th, 2021

Below are the levels of sponsorship. We are flexible to a sponsor’s budget, so please feel free to let us know if you had a different amount in mind and we can discuss benefits for the amount that meets your budget.

Get started by contacting us at info@ct.org.



Program Sponsor - $1,000
Pre-recorded video including presentation of award, preceded by 30 second introduction of presenter and organization, focusing on support of Women of Innovation and/or Diversity & Inclusion in your company and the tech sector at large. Also includes ¼ pg digital program advertisement.

Supporting Sponsor - $3,500

Pre-recorded video including presentation of award preceded by 60 second introduction of presenter and organization. Separate 60 second video “advertisement” introducing company and its support for Diversity & Inclusion and/or Women of Innovation. Also includes ½ page digital program advertisement.

Premier Sponsor - $10,000

All above benefits plus special spoken recognition at all WOI related events, plus specialized benefits to be determined on a case by case basis (named sponsorship of certain aspects of event, or other areas of interest to the sponsor).

Benefits of Sponsoring

We are honored to have an impressive array of sponsors who contribute generously to CTC.
Sponsorship levels and investments vary depending on the event:


Our member companies range in size from 1 to 20,000 employees.

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Building Brands

Over 6,000 technology and tech-related businesses within Connecticut, employing some 120,000 people.


Specializing in networking events and industry-specific celebrations designed to strengthen the Connecticut Tech Ecosystem.


Providing free and low-cost programs designed to feed Connecticut’s growing need for talent, mentoring, networking, and more.