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Prometheus Research in New Haven Gets National Recognition

Leon Rozenblit, the founder and CEO of Prometheus Research in New Haven, never set out to be an entrepreneur.

He was what's sometimes fondly called a "professional student." Instead of going to med school after his SUNY-Buffalo pre-med/psych double major, he headed to law school. After law school, he began graduate studies in psychology at Cornell, but finished his doctorate at Yale.

"I really liked school," he says with a self-deprecating grin…

Prometheus Research is a promising startup, "dedicated to helping researchers manage their data."

"They've already passed through the wall of fire, and they're on the other side," says CTC's CEO, Matthew Nemerson. Truly, with continued growth, Leon Rozenblit will, "be leading one of the 'gazelle companies' that Matthew Nemerson…says the state so desperately needs."

Learn more about Prometheus Research.

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