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Why go to the cloud?

The October 2009 meeting of the XCellR8 Innovation Cell featured a presentation from Hariharan (Hari) Kuppuraj, and MJ from Cloud Daddy that provided a great overview of cloud computing and the characteristic applications that benefit from execution in a cloud environment.  Best of all, they did it all in just 6 slides, in concert with a very spirited and engaging discussion.  Here are some take aways from the discussion:

Why go to the cloud? Scalability, Low Cost, Accessibility

  1. Scalable infrastructure with a resource on demand platform

  2. Inexpensive storage solution with power of CDN technology

  3. Reliable, enterprise class infrastructure

  4. Lower cost with no hardward to manage or devices to configure

  5. Pay only for resources you actually use

Who should look to the cloud?

  1. Startups – this is a low cost, clean infrastructure

  2. Small Businesses – this can grow as the business grows

  3. Entertainment companies – with high scalability and quick launch, this is a great temporary system

  4. Enterprise level – this is a cheap and quick development environment

What about security?

  1. It is possible to have a "private cloud" with dedicated firewalls.  Medical Industry is moving to CDN, and just as any server can be set up to be HIPA / Insurance compliant.

Thanks to MJ and Hari ,  and thanks too, to Kevin Bouley at Nerac in Tolland, the consummate host and incomparable leader of the group!


What is next for the XCellR8 Innovation Cell?  Visit CTC's Calendar Next month, Nov. 12, Matt Billard will share an idea he has for a new business, describing the opportunity he’s identified, the business environment (need) and model he’s proposing to address it.  He’s seeking input, candid comments, reaction and guidance from the group.

In December we will learn of a proposed new Google app under consideration from Mark Mian at V-Teams.

What is the Connecticut Growth Network? With groups meeting across Connecticut, the CTC Connecticut Growth Network is a discussion and action forum of statewide leaders, consisting of small peer-led, local networking groups or cells.  Each local cell is comprised of technology executives, entrepreneurs, investors and professional service providers with an interest in discussing the issues affecting Connecticut’s technology future. Local cells also introduce groups of tech leaders for the purpose of possible business collaboration, development and assistance. The Connecticut Growth Network was established by the Connecticut Technology Council in 2004.

The Growth Network, at its best, connects companies, entrepreneurs, investors or dealmakers and creates an involved community of concerned leaders in the technology industry.

Once a month, over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Local Cell Leaders convene five to fifteen friends or colleagues to discuss a specific issue — an important issue facing their companies, communities, or the State.

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