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The Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge, apps due 3/30/2012

The Entrepreneurial Challenge is a competition held by Sikorsky Innovations to identify and support emerging, revolutionary technology in the rotorcraft market.

Full info, and application at:

Friday, March 30th, 5pm, Challenge Question applications due 

The challenge provides an opportunity for entrepreneurial companies to understand some of the toughest issues facing the vertical flight community and identify their technology as relevant to one or more of these issues.

The Challenge is designed to open a clear communication pathway between the entrepreneurial community and Sikorsky Innovations, with the goal of increasing opportunities for collaboration and novel technology integration into current and future rotorcraft products.

The Challenge is open to any small company, U.S. based or international, including newly formed and pre-revenue entities, that meet the requirements defined in the Entrepreneurial Challenge Application Kit.

THE QUESTIONS: 1. How can we make an aircraft more intelligent with wireless sensing? 2. Which adaptive signature control and active survivability technologies can make aircraft operations safer? 3. How do we create and distribute robust, certifiable transportation ‘Apps’? 4. What is the next high power/density energy storage technology? 5. How do we cool future avionic and sensor systems?

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