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The Budderfly Effect

Budderfly L.L.C., a Shelton-based energy management company, offers technology for businesses to keep a keen eye — perhaps even an Orwellian eye — on how an office consumes power. Ken Buda, the company’s vice president of operations, said a granular understanding of how energy is being used isn’t a matter of Big Brother, but rather of big savings.

“If you walk into your office and flip on your light switch, most people don’t know if it’s a dime or a dollar in cost,” Buda said. “We can give Ken a report and say, ‘last month, you used about $150 of energy in your office and these are things you can do to curtail that use.’”

Budderfly, which received its second U.S. patent last week, has hardware fitted into specific light switches and power outlets that communicate with cloud-based software. Management can actually show an employee his or her monthly wattage consumption numbers and how they compare to those of other employees.

For companies that use large amounts of energy, or which employ thousands of workers, small behavioral changes can have a large impact on the bottom line. “It’s the case of a little bit adding a lot,” he said. An energy management system, if used effectively, could reduce consumption by as much as 10 to 30 percent, Buda said. For each dollar spent in energy reduction, three dollars will be saved on energy generation, he said, which is to say nothing of the environmental benefits of limiting use.

For more, check out Mark Lungariello’s full article in the Fairfield County Business Journal.

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