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New Laser Technology at CCAT’s Laser Applications Laboratory

EAST HARTFORD, CT – The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) Laser Applications Laboratory (LAL) has worked with the Trumpf (Farmington, CT) to bring the first Trumpf TruMicro 7050 in the United States to CCAT’s facility to evaluate for various process evaluation trials.

The TruMicro 7050 is an example of a new disk laser technology that Trumpf has been developing. Unlike Q-switch Nd:YAG lasers which have limited pulse width, frequency, and average powers; the new TruMicro 7050 uses a “cavity dump” design which allows for short pulses to be achieved independent of the frequency and at higher average powers at CCAT, the 7050 will operate at a 30 nanosecond pulse width at 750 W of average power. Another advantage of the system is that the laser can be fiber delivered to the processing work cell.

CCAT’s LAL Team will be investigating how the TruMicro 7050 compares to other lasers that are presently being used or being considered for various applications. The applications of interest include laser machining, coating removal, surface cleaning, and drilling. More specifically, CCAT will be determining whether the characteristic of the TruMicro 7050 will lead to improved removal rates and quality in the machining of aerospace components.

Similarly, coating removal from aircraft components has been demonstrated with laser technologies, but implementation has been slow because of the rates and concern of interaction times. In both cases the ability to have short pulse widths and high average powers may better fit the capabilities of the TruMicro 7050.

“We are pleased to have the Trumpf TruMicro 7050 at the LAL to investigate its capabilities”, stated Paul Denney, the Director of the LAL. “We hope that increased exposure to this cutting edge technology, in combination with our working knowledge of the TruMicro 7050, will be a benefit to companies at all tier levels within the supply chain."



Inquires: Paul Denney,, 860/282-4290

Media: Elinor Hargreaves,, 860/282-4283

ABOUT CCAT The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. is a non-stock, tax exempt corporation that provides services and resources to entrepreneurs and businesses, and through collaboration with industry, academia, and government, helps companies innovate and compete, thereby strengthening our nation in the global market.

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