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Member Spotlight: VISTECH

Each month, we shine a light on a CT Tech Council member to share the innovations they are bringing to Connecticut.

September Member Spotlight is VISTECH, located in Hartford, CT. Richard

(Rick) Huebner is the their CEO.

About Rick Huebner – CEO

As a Software executive of more than 20 years., Rick

has worked with industry leaders and successfully

implemented software solutions for the most

complex business processes. He is currently working

in the retirement income space and offering a family

of admin systems to support the most innovative of

products. Rick is on the Board of Directors of the CT

Tech Council.

The following is an interview with Rick Huebner:

What is VISTECH?

With decades of experience and business-first focus, VISTECH brings unparalleled insight to

support your technology needs. At VISTECH, our goal is to be all about our clients. We

understand the technology, but thats not as important as understanding our clients and their business needs. We deliver technology solutions that are the best suited for each consumer.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, VISTECH has three core business services:

1. Software Development - VISTECH will build and maintain software and web

applications that meet your requirements and specifications. Whether it be a

SharePoint or PowerApps implementation to improve internal office productivity or an

enterprise class .NET application running in Azure, VISTECH will deliver the project

within the time and budget constraints.

2. Business Services - VISTECH offers affordable Managed IT and Website

management services that are needed in today’s rapidly paced business environment.

These include infrastructure monitoring to protect against cyberattacks, SEO reporting

to keep websites highly ranked in search engine results, and Virtual CTO engagement to

define technology strategy.

3. eCommerce SaaS Products - VISTECH’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings

include Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Sales Portal eCommerce solutions that

support configured & catalog products, complex pricing, and integration with back-

office systems.

Who are your competitors and how do you distinguish your company from them?

VISTECH has been a Microsoft Partner for almost 30 years. We deliver Managed IT

Services & Software Solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack—Windows, .NET,

C#, SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams, Power BI,

Microsoft 365. This partnership allows us to access exclusive tools and resources which

further benefit our clients. As a Microsoft Partner, VISTECH has been able to deliver

unmatched technology services that accelerate innovation and drive growth both within

the company and through our offerings.

VISTECH provides a cohesive team with the perfect combination of skills to deliver

services & solutions at a fixed price. While technology experts, VISTECH focuses on

understanding business needs to assure we are delivering the most value to our clients.

It is therefore of great importance for us to have a deep knowledge of our clients’ needs

and goals.

What are the biggest opportunities in your market over the next year?

Our biggest opportunity is to continue to lead technology innovation & adoption. Over

the past 27 years, VISTECH consistently committed to understanding and using future

technologies. In 2006 we implemented the great, great grandfather of Microsoft

Teams, Office Communications Server, for collaboration and as our phone system. We

supported remote workers then and use Microsoft Teams for that and more today.

Similarly, we keep our software development up to date by adapting to new DevOps

methodologies and upgrading to the latest tools, libraries, and frameworks. We use the

most recent .NET platform for new development and actively update previously

developed software to assure it remains maintainable and avoids costly redevelopment.

When VISTECH suggests a technology, be assured that we trust it enough to use it in our

own infrastructure or within our internal software development projects.

What do you view as the greatest business challenge facing your


The greatest challenge facing every business is the ability to rapidly adapt to change.

The pandemic illustrated the need to quickly support remote workers, and busine


that were able to pivot survived. As technology change accelerates, it is critical for

organizations to migrate from legacy IT and software infrastructures to the next

generation of technology which will easily adjust to embrace the continuous change.

Learn more about VISTECH at

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