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Member Spotlight: MetrumRG

Each month, we shine a light on a CT Tech Council member to share the innovations they are bringing to Connecticut.

Our May Spotlight member is MetrumRG (Metrum Research Group) led by CEO Marc R. Gastonguay.

Headquartered in Tariffville, CT, MetrumRG has approximately 80 employees and specializes in biomedical modeling and simulation services and solutions in the Life Sciences industry.

MetrumRG is a founding sponsor for the Connecticut chapter of Women In Bio (WIB). WIB is a national organization supporting diversity and inclusion for women in the life sciences. MetrumRG staff has been honored in CTC's Women of Innovation® program and are active contributors to WOI. MetrumRG is always looking for partners, collaborators, and team members who are passionate about taking a quantitative approach to defeating disease and believe in sharing openly with the community.

Who are your competitors and how does your company distinguish itself from them?

Though there are vendors who provide similar services or solutions, we are uniquely suited to empower decision making throughout the drug development process with our deep expertise and extensive experience in this field. Our solutions are developed in close collaboration with the most experienced and innovative scientists, and our strategic services incorporate multi-disciplinary perspectives to ensure rigor and top-quality science. Additionally, we are committed to serving the community with open science resources and open source tools.

What are the biggest business opportunities in your market over the next 12 months?

One of the most notable opportunities for our company is the continued and increasing adoption of the use of quantitative information in high-stakes decision making, particularly among senior level decision makers in drug development and life sciences.

What do you view as the greatest business challenge?

Our biggest challenge continues to be finding and developing strong talent and ensuring our team is built around our mission of improving health and defeating disease, particularly where there are unmet needs.

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