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Jobs Bill for Connecticut – 5435 has passed!

5/12/2010 update: Governor Jodi M. Rell signed the bill into law.  Story at:

5/4/2010 update: The CT House just passed the strike-all amendment (LCO #4884) 140-4 on HB 5435.  The Amendment now becomes the bill.  There was one additional amendment added to clarify the expansion of the insurance reinvestment tax credit.  The Angel tax credit language survived and is part of the bill.  The bill now heads to the Senate where it is expected to pass with minimal to no oposition.  Governor is also on board.

5/2/2010 5435 passed this weekend.   

H.B. No. 5435 – AN ACT CONCERNING THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE MAJORITY LEADERS' JOB GROWTH ROUNDTABLE.  Click here for the full bill text and status report on

Mike Scricca, our CTC membership director and council historian said, “This is the biggest legislative win for the tech community since we were born in 1994. And the fact that the bill occurred during a time of recession, makes it more amazing.”

Article in the Hartford Courant, Amanda Falcone on May 1, 2010

Learn more about the Maj. Leader's Job Growth Task Force Roundtable, At the table was: Representative Denise Merrill – House Majority Leader Senator Martin Looney – Senate Majority Leader Senator Gary LeBeau Representative Chris Perone Representative Brendan Sharkey Representative Jeffrey Berger Representative Peggy Sayers Fred Carstensen – Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis Bill Cibes – Chancellor Emeritus of CSU & former OPM Secretary Richard Cole – CT Academy for Education in Mathematics, Science & Technology Karla Fox – UConn School of Business Elliot Ginsberg – Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Theresa Hopkins-Staten – Northeast Utilities Ed Marth – American Association of University Professors Mike Meotti – Department of Higher Education John Meyers, Consultant Matthew Nemerson – Connecticut Technology Center David Pepin – Next Generations Venture, LLC Bob Tessier – Connecticut Coalition of Taft-Hartley Health Funds Lyle Wray – Capitol Region Council of Governments

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