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Investors, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, UConn Experts Convene

Scores of entrepreneurs and inventors as well as UConn experts and risk capital investors convened Wednesday at the university for a symposium called "Connecting Opportunities: Driving Innovation Through University Resources."

Matthew Nemerson, president and chief executive officer of the Connecticut Technology Council, said that one of the main purposes of the event was to let entrepreneurs and businesses in the community know about the resources that UConn has to offer, ranging from assistance with research and design to commercialization to legal help with patents.

Most businesses or inventors might think it would be complicated to get help from the university, Nemerson said, but the conference was meant to show that it's easy.

"With a single phone, a company can get access," Nemerson said.

This convention, which connected aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors with experts and resources to manufacture products and start businesses, was sponsored by UConn and the Connecticut Venture Group.

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