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Early A.M. Innovation in Tolland, Connecticut

The March 12th meeting of the Xcellr8 Innovation Cell featured Chris Fuselier presenting the Progeos go-to-market strategy and was followed by an engaging group discussion offering both suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the offering.  Chris has since engaged Eric Knight to help continue to develop the marketplace approach.

About Progeos, Inc.

Chris Fuselier, CEO

Progeos is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) technology company that provides:

Municipal governments with integrated and inexpensive methods for storing and processing critical geographic (e.g. property maps) and management information (e.g. property owner records).

Web-based software for land management (GIS based), property management (property look up, abutters’ lists …), permit management (creation and tracking of permits), code management (code tracking and enforcement) and request management (processing and executing service requests).

All services are fully integrated and can be accessed from any web connected computer.

About the Connecticut Growth Network: The Connecticut Growth Network is a discussion and action forum of statewide leaders, consisting of small peer-led, local networking groups or cells. Learn more at:

About The Xcellr8 Innovation Cell:   Meeting monthly in Tolland, CT at Nerac.  Our mission is to stimulate collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial activity between leaders and executives of the business and education communities. It’s an opportunity to participate and share thoughts and ideas on how we can best work together to stimulate growth, create innovation and spur economic activity. We feel it’s important to challenge the status quo, and construct a solid foundation for future growth by utilizing and developing talent that exists today in our region.

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