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CTC Growth Cell Network: XcellR8 Update – Shizzlr

The next XcellR8 meeting will be held Thursday, March 10, 2011, from 8-9 am at Nerac.

Last month we heard from Keith Bessette, UConn MBA and co-founder of Shizzlr,

Following a demo based introduction to Shizzlr and simple walk through of the underlying business model, Keith took questions and participated in discussions related to the new venture.  Unfortunately, I believe I may have steered Keith towards an explanation of the Groupon model and how he might exploit that without first getting a better understanding of his proposed revenue channel.  In a follow up meeting with Keith, I learned more about his ideas of selling analytics to merchants that could serve promotional effectiveness, demand management planning and a deeper understanding of customers.  Keith will return in either May or June to provide an update on the rollout.

This month we’ll hear from Mike Fleming at Iron Duck,, the world's leading provider of products to the emergency medical, fire fighting and law enforcement professional.  Mike seeks the group’s input with respect to the following business challenge:

“We have 100s of medical supply dealers throughout the world, a good operation in a good location run by knowledgeable people that has a ton of extra capacity. With that in mind I'm thinking that there should be somebody who needs what we have, Roto molded, Heat sealed and Sewn products beyond our current product line and /or access to a medical distribution network.

This could be somebody who has a product line of their own that a USA manufacture is needed for. The other option is to partner with somebody who wants to simplify their operation by moving it to our facility, this could eliminate their property, payroll, insurance expenses.”

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Iron Duck offering and come prepared to discuss how Mike’s business might be expanded beyond its present core.  I look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning, March 10th.



Kevin Bouley President Nerac, Inc. One Technology Drive Tolland, CT  06084 (860) 872-7000 x-1156

Xcellr8 Innovation Cell

Our mission is to stimulate collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial activity between leaders and executives of the tech business and education communities.

It’s an opportunity to participate and share thoughts and ideas on how we can best work together to stimulate growth, create innovation and spur economic activity.

We feel it’s important to challenge the status quo, and construct a solid foundation for future growth by utilizing and developing talent that exists today in our region.

Cell Leader: Kevin Bouley, President of Nerac, Inc.  Cell Location: Tolland  Meeting time and location: 8:00 to 9:00 am, the second Thursday of each month at Nerac, Inc offices in Tolland, One Technology Drive, Tolland, 06084  - Meetings are for cell members only – if you are a technologist based in the Tolland area and are interested in joining the meetings, please contact: Contact: Kevin Bouley, cell leader,  or  Paige Rasid, (860) 289-0878, x335

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