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Connecticut IT Jobs Report March 2010

March 2010 Report: In February, The IT job market in Connecticut and nationwide improved! Demand jumped 28.2% in February as employers piled on new job openings in expectation of an improving economy. While this is good news questions remain how many posted openings will get filled or whether this is a peek at available talent in the land.

Industries driving the increased demand in Connecticut are Financial Services and Healthcare.  Other industries are still holding back.

Good news here for IT, but even with new jobs like this, CT Unemployment Rates Rise: The state Department of Labor says in January, Connecticut added 2,300 new jobs to its total employment. That’s cause for optimism that the recovery may have legs, but at the same time, the state’s unemployment rate rose – to 9%, the highest level it’s seen since the 1970s.  Peter Gioia, chief economist with the CBIA says this is a fairly common phenomenon at the start of a recovery.     Audio and more from WNPR, Harriet Jones Published: 03/15/2010 at:

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