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Connecticut IT Jobs Report February 2011

February 2011 – Employers in Connecticut showed more interest in technology workers in January. The year began with a 3.7% increase in job opportunities supporting optimism which had been voiced by economists and news outlets in December. While there is no reason to celebrate yet, the development in January was another positive sign. Employers in Financial Services, HiTech and IT Services stepped up demand.

In Massachusetts job openings increased 6.2% and in the New York Metro area 5.7%. These increases are more in line with our expectations for the season than the development of the IT labor market in Connecticut. We expect demand to pick up further in February. All local IT labor markets grew above the national average with gained 2.2% in January.

While job openings for IT Management declined in January (down 4.2%) demand for other occupations increased. Software Development gained the most (up 13.3%) followed by Systems Engineering / Support (up 7.7%) and IT Architects / Consultants (up 6.3%).

Click here for a range of data and articles on the economic outlook for Connecticut and the New England region, prepared by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics..

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