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CNBC Business Rankings Downgrade Connecticut

CNBC’s “America’s Top States for Business 2011” ranked Connecticut at #39 – down from #35 last year. This change can be largely attributed to a decrease in “Business Friendliness”, hinting that some may see Connecticut regulations as too constricting. Also, the overall “Economy” ranking took a significant hit since the 2010 report. With these scores on top of the consistently low scoring "Cost of Doing Business" category, Connecticut was not portrayed as a strong state for business in this round of rankings.

But, it is not all bad news. Connecticut's education system is ranked #3 in the country, and is backed by well ranked “Quality of Life”, “Access to Capital”, and “Technology & Innovation” categories. Opinions differ on what should be done to bolster the Connecticut economy, but it is hard to argue against a well-educated base of students and a strong field for innovation.

Rick Green of the Hartford Courant reported that “Connecticut is outpacing much of the rest of the nation in economic growth,” with GDP growth at 3.1%. This makes Connecticut the economy with the 12th highest growth when compared to other states – a promising figure as the state bounces back from the recession.

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