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Campaigns and Elections Dominate, Ideas too, we hope

The fall will be an interesting time with two critical elections for the state for the Governor and Constitutional officers as well as to replace our ‘institution” in the nation’s Capitol, U.S. Senator Chris Dodd.

We hope to have at least one forum for the candidates to keep you updated on positions and issues as we head towards November.

We have been working hard to present some new points of view to the candidates, especially Democrat Dan Malloy and Republican Tom Foley who are running for Governor. CTC President and CEO Matthew Nemerson is contributing the tech community’s point of view to two groups, one theConnecticut Regional Institute for the 21st Century which will issue reports on how to find both savings, effectiveness and efficiency in the State Budget. A report on nursing homes and home health care was issued in the spring and a new report on state prisons and corrections will soon follow. Matthew has also been working with an eclectic group of policy people led by former OPM director Bill Cibes to look at the state budget holistically and to offer advice to the new governor. Here too the CTC along with CERC and others have been bringing the business point of view especially about competitiveness for the state and the role of global pressures on all companies and investors.

Not surprising, the daily worries of competing and winning in the global marketplace is something that many in state government and social service non-profits are not familiar with. CTC’s role is not to be impatient, but to help educate and establish the priorities to help Connecticut grow jobs and companies again.

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