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Air Force Announces New Grant Program

Air Force announces new grant program for doctoral students in STEM. Through their Young Investigator Research Program, also known as YIP, the US Air Force plans to award 30 grants to qualified recipients and their respective institutions of learning during the 2014 fiscal year.  The grants, expected to be approximately $120,000 per year for a period of three years, will be rewarded to young scientists, engineers, and other researchers who have obtained a doctoral degree not before May of 2008 and are conducting innovative investigations in disciplines that can be classified as Air Force related fields. In the case of an exceptional proposal, or perhaps several exceptional proposals, the breadth of the grants can be flexible in terms for allotted amount and contract duration, according to the official release.

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research describes the following categories as being relevant to Air Force academic research:

  1. Dynamical Systems and Control

  2. Quantum & Non-Equilibrium Processes

  3. Information, Decision, and Complex Networks

  4. Complex materials and Devices

  5. Energy, Power, and Propulsion

All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply, but are reminded that the application process closes on September 15th.  The application is available online at the Federal Business Opportunities website. More information about this program is available at, along with a abundance of other federal grant opportunities.  If you are an academic whose research doesn’t fit this criteria, but are nevertheless seeking funding, the site, maintained by the Department of Health and Human Services, can be a valuable resource.

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