Become a Sponsor

Working with an active board of directors composed of technology and professional services leaders, the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) leverages the private support of its sponsors to annually host exciting events and programs. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and trade associations rely on annual sponsorships to produce their events. We are no different – sponsors help us pursue our mission of creating a culture of innovation and hosting events that celebrate the tech sector, its companies and its talented workforce.

Our events and programs are designed for their impact and ability to bring value to the firms who underwrite them. They support our mission and attract both large audiences and media attention.


Benefits of Sponsoring

We are honored to have an impressive array of sponsors who contribute generously to CTC.
Sponsorship levels and investments vary depending on the event:


Our member companies range in size from 1 to 20,000 employees.

Building Brands..png
Building Brands

Over 6,000 technology and tech-related businesses within Connecticut, employing some 120,000 people.


Specializing in networking events and industry-specific celebrations designed to strengthen the Connecticut Tech Ecosystem.


Providing free and low-cost programs designed to feed Connecticut’s growing need for talent, mentoring, networking, and more.