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Yale Researchers Offer Help for Teens Being Bullied on Facebook

Don’t like a post on Facebook? Wish you weren’t tagged making that face? Being cyber-bullied?

Yale research scientist Marc Brackett is here to help.

Brackett, 43, a child psychologist who was bullied himself in middle school, is helping Facebook develop better tools for young teens to use to flag problematic posts, deal with conflicts and navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of social networking.

“We’ve created a system to help them more easily to report their experience, feel comfortable about reporting it, express their feelings and make suggestions about the best way to manage it,” Brackett said.

“They are learning how to communicate with that person so they can problem-solve instead of just dismissing them,” Brackett said.

In developing the new system, the team came up with adolescent-friendly language and descriptions tailored to the 13- to 14-year-old age group. The structure is based on the concept of emotional intelligence — the ability to recognize, understand, label, express and regulate emotions.

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