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What is the Startup America initiative delivering today?

Startup America is the White House initiative to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. Read more on the White House Blog Post Great links noted below from that blog.

Small world…. Startup America’s CEO, Scott Case, will be in Connecticut May 25th headlining a public event CTC is supporting: CVG’s Connecting Opportunities: Driving Innovation through University Resources

What is the Startup America initiative delivering today?

For Entrepreneurs

  1. Platform to submit ideas for reducing barriers to entrepreneurship

  2. Private-sector services mobilized by the Startup America Partnership

  3. More control over the speed of patent processing

  4. Enhanced access to government-patented energy technology

  5. Mentorship and software for military families through Veteran Fast Launch

For Investors

  1. No capital gains taxes on qualified small business investments made throughout 2011

  2. Federally guaranteed leverage for private funds that invest in clean energy, education, or underserved markets

  3. Streamlined rules for private funds that invest in lower-income communities

For Communities

  1. New funding for proof of concept centers that accelerate green technology innovation

  2. Nationwide engagement with Administration leaders on major new entrepreneurial opportunities in healthcare, clean energy, and learning technology

Learn more about Startup America:

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