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West Hartford Industrial Design Studio Reimagines Light Switch

A small team, working from a smartly cluttered design studio at Legrand’s offices here, wants you to think about your light switches, the West Hartford Industrial Design Studio Reimagines Light Switch.

Beyond their important work, do they really express who you are, like a color of paint or type of cabinet handles? The problem, the team confirmed, was that for most people they don’t.

Legrand, which recently released a new line of sharply designed light switches, found that when people remodel — spending dozens of hours and thousands of dollars honing in on the perfect hue of paint or the styling of tile or the design of cabinets that fits the sensibility their ideal home — they overlook the light switch.

In the West Hartford facility, known as Legrand Wiremold, about 550 people work, some manufacturing electrical components and others in corporate functions.

Wiremold, once a company unto itself, was founded in Milwaukee in 1900 and expanded to West Hartford in 1914. In 2000, Legrand, a French industrial group, bought Wiremold for about $770 million, putting its North American headquarters here two years later.

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