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Technology-Based Overview of President Barack Obama’s FY13 Budget Request

via SSTI, Federal Budget Special Issue…

“Each year, SSTI provides Digest readers with a comprehensive review of technology-based economic development spending in the the president’s federal budget request. The year’s edition includes proposed FY13 spending on R&D, STEM education, manufacturing, broadband, small business support, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, innovation workforce initiatives and more. The full report is available for download in pdf format (561 kb).

President Barack Obama’s FY13 budget request includes few major changes from FY12 due to the spending cap agreed upon in the Budget Control Act. Funding for most, but not all, TBED-related programs would maintain nearly level funding. The White House is accentuating the budget’s generous support for advanced manufacturing, clean energy and STEM education, and again is asking that the R&D tax credit be made permanent. …”

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