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Tech Talk for 6-14

Gualberto Ruano does more than sped time in the lab. He recently was seen marching in the Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade as the parade’s grand marshal. Dr. Ruano, a geneticist, runs Genomas, a Hartford-based biomedical firm that uses DNA to “guide and customize” medical services for people, particularly Hispanics. Ruano, whose company is working closely with Hartford Hospital on health services for Latinos, said he was asked to serve as grand marshal by the statewide parade committee.

MScript is growing again. I recently ran into Mark Golino at the B2B XPO at the Convention Center on June 1, and he indicated he was looking to open a new datacenter in Hartford.

I also ran into Jack Henrie there, the former CFO for TyMetrix. Jack as you may recall was one of the key managers at TyMetrix when it was named as the fastest growing tech company in the state in 2003 as part of the Deloitte/CTC Fast 50. He has started is own consulting business called ERGO.

Nerac is making history. McCrone Associates, one of today’s top microscopy consulting firms, recently collaborated with Nerac to produce a substantial discovery that suggests pomegranate ink is consistent with the ink used to write the Gospel of Judas more then 1,700 years ago. Nerac researcher, Mike Plante, provided the expertise to establish a solid direction and point of context vital to identifying the type of ink used in the Gospel of Judas documents.

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