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Team Norwich Meeting 5-26-10

Team Norwich Meeting 5-26-10 with Matt Nemerson and Bob Santy Sitting In

Dear Team:

Thanks to Matt Nemerson for his fantastic presentation this morning on his view of Technology, Connecticut, Norwich, Regionalism, Government and Economic Development.  The PowerPoint presentation he gave is attached.   (I wish we had a recording of his discussion as well!).  Like many of us, Matt is solely responsible for the assembly of the high quality work of others (as you all know, I subscribe to that approach myself!) and he has given us permission to use his presentation as long as credit for the content is given to the various sources quoted.

View more presentations from CTTech.

For me, the take away from today is a reinvigorated examination of the work we have been doing while adding some clarity to a number of aspects of our plan.  I especially felt the reinforcement of both the value and scale of employment and education in the region as a critical element to the future.  Additionally, we need that value proposition in his opening and closing slides to be better vetted and defined for Norwich.  I suggest that is the basis of our Community Branding which we will be wrapping this entire effort around for a significant time to come.  Thanks Matt for putting in our face on of the first questions to be addressed!

After Matt’s presentation this morning there was a lively exchange which I have not attempted to capture.  If you were unable to attend or had to leave before the conclusion, please ask others about their impressions and their unique take aways.

Matt is available for future efforts and I would suggest we perhaps look to a fall program in which we make use of his knowledge and presentation skills to assist us in furthering our mission with both our public as well as across our region.  Perhaps we do so in conjunction with SeCTer or the Chambers. 

In case you missed it, Matt asked the following key questions to help us make a concerted effort to define ourselves and focus our efforts:

  1. What is Norwich’s competitive advantage?

  2. What could state do to make Norwich more competitive?

  3. What is your natural region?

  4. What would your role be a community in 10 years if all your wishes came true?

I think it sage advice and recommend we all make an effort to think about it and bring suggestions forward in a future focused discussion.

Thank you all!


Robert Mills l  Executive Director Please NOTE my NEW Email Address 77 Main Street, Norwich CT 06360 P: 860.887.6964  l  F: 860.887.3438 Visit our new website:

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