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PechaKucha New Haven – Call for presenters for November

Innovative, Creative New Haven (and beyond),


PechaKucha New Haven's cool Autumn event –yep, #10, already– is eight weeks away… Wednesday, 16 November, 6:30pm, at Bentara.

We’ve had some great presenters:

trash-talking JoAnne Wilcox,

graffiti-defending Will Reynolds,

eclipse-chasing Maryann Ott,

government-revolutionizing Ben Berkowitz,

and everyone in between.

Here’s more if you need it:

PechaKucha Night comes to New Haven New Haven is in year three of its own edition of PechaKucha Night, an event that celebrates creativity and innovation.  It was founded by designers in Tokyo as a way to share ideas succinctly and creatively.  The event has grown to include anyone and everyone in cities around the world;  individuals or groups present creative ideas or innovations using 20 images shown for 20 seconds each. The ideas can solve social problems or just be a cool innovation, or new project.  Neighbors, colleagues, journalists, designers, architects, social entrepreneurs, and artists have all presented at PechaKucha nights. Press coverage on is at: and at: Be a Presenter at the next PechaKucha Night (“PKN”), on 16 November 2011 PechaKucha’s main idea/rule is “20×20” :  each presenter has 20 exciting/beautiful images shown for 20 seconds per slide (seriously, it will run automatically!), on any creative idea you want to present.  [Another rule is:  “in a bar or a space attached to a bar.”  Which you’ve got to admit is a great rule.]  There are around ten presenters in one PKN. 

Dr evil

FAQ #1:  What kind of presenters is PechaKucha Night for? Looking through past presenters, there are embroiderers who stitch pornographic designs, ice hotel constructor/dissemblers, collectors of flowerpots and Japanese hearse images, photographers of people asleep in public places in China (among many themes), and a documentarian of the process behind making flowers rain from the sky in Holland.  “And much more” doesn’t do the variety justice.  What all of the presentations have in common is the presenters’ passion for their topic.

FAQ #2:  What is a PechaKucha Night event like? [Entirely from PKN participant comments:]  PKN is “a leveling experience” wherein everyone has the same 20×20 limitation, whether student or practitioner, amateur or professional, young or old.  Architects, artists, artisans, dancers, comedians, mayors, kids, moms, brain surgeons, human rights watchers, opera singers, students, and star designers have presented next to one another.  The 20×20 format forces people to reduce, clear their minds and think about what is relevant.  It “unleashes energy and goodwill in equal measure, with even experienced presenters working incredibly hard to prepare their 20×20,” and even introverts able to beautifully describe their innovation.  It means that those watching can relax and pay attention, knowing that they have a mere 6 minutes and 40 seconds to learn about this amazing presenter’s ideas, or a mere 6 minutes and 40 seconds until it’s over.  It is all about interaction, direct feedback, eye contact, body heat and excitement which cannot be communicated by a computer screen.”  It extends knowledge and generates energy by viewing a topic of creative fascination through the eyes of the thoughtfully obsessed.

FAQ #3:  Okay, I have an idea for a presentation… how does it work, exactly? PKN prepares the venue end of the Night ahead of time.  You [and other presenters] prepare by distilling your ideas into 20 images you can get through in 20 seconds each, zipping them into a file, and contacting us here.  PKN receives your images and puts your 20×20 into the presentation lineup for the Event.  For a spot in the night’s lineup we need to have your images ahead of time —e.g., today is not too early.  Once you’re in the lineup, we let you know, list your presentation on the site, etc.  You come to Bentara by 6:30pm on 16 November and we give you the microphone for your part in the PKN conversation.  (Then you get a drink and feel like a rock star.)

I want to present, but I have other questions… No problem, contact Shunji here.  Or view some great Presenter Tips here!

PechaKucha Night – New Haven PKN-NewHaven.Org

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