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Innovation Matters & Tech Companies to Watch

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Here is a collection of recent posts: Innovation Matters  (Matthew Nemerson's Blog)

  1. Special for Connecticut Magazine, January 2009 – 12/11/08  – The battle for jobs is not about tax rates, parking lots or more efficient government. It is about Connecticut becoming known as North America’s best location for high potential entrepreneurs.  Start by attracting the special people who are skilled at starting and building firms capable of fast growth. Build a few exceptional programs that answer key needs for workforce, innovation support and global connectedness.  …

  2. Cool, Spiky and Connected.

  3. More than nostalgia: The New Haven Railroad "fan" club understands something important

  4. Man and nature in the middle kingdom

Z-Medica Corporation , 12/11/08, Z-Medica Corporation is a medical products company focused on innovative blood clotting technologies — hemostatic solutions that save lives. Its QuikClot® represents the first and most effective solution to severe blood loss outside the operating room setting. Z-Medica serves several global vertical markets, including military, first responder, homeland and private security. The company is fully engaged in accelerating development and distribution of QuikClot® hemostatic agent, QuikClot ACS™ and related products.
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