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How can you expand your market? Go international.

Look to international opportunities for markets, talent, partners & suppliers.  This doesn’t mean that you should roll out your product in every country at the same time. But it does mean that you think about the global implications at every step.

Below is a note from Ann Evans – District Director of the US Dept. of Commerce.  She is your contact in CT for export assistance.  Their office holds seminars, webinars, trade missions out and trade missions into Connecticut.   All in the effort of making it easier to sell your widgets internationally.


From their newsletter:

Last month at the National Governor’s Conference meeting in Hartford we listened to a speaker from MIT explain what they do to train their students while supporting businesses. Something they are very successful in doing.  I found it the most interesting part of the conference and it inspired me to look at our local universities and what cooperative efforts they have with the business community here in Connecticut.  I am pleased to report that UCONN is leading the pack in their business outreach.  In this newsletter we are highlighting two programs that are available to Connecticut Companies for little or no cost.    We have a world class university here in Connecticut that is a leader in innovation.  Take advantage of what they are offering.  Your company and our State will benefit. 

Anne S. Evans

District Director, Connecticut

Upcoming Events



01-02 December – For India Cold Chain Expo- 2011 –Mumbai, India

16-19 January- World Future Energy Summit 2012 –Abu Dhabi, India

For a complete list of events, click here.

Domestic Trade Shows

13-15 December- POWER-GEN International -Las Vegas, NV

10-13 January- International CES -Las Vegas, NV   

24-27 January- World of Concrete -Las Vegas, NV      

08-11 February- International Builders’ Show -Orlando, FL 

01-03 March- Graphics of the Americas (GOA) –Miami, FL

For a complete list of Domestic Trade Shows, click here.

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