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Have you considered telecommuting for your company?

Telework is expanding around the world – companies are finding it is a great flexible work arrangement, is a way to increase productivity and can be a perk to attract and retain top talent. Consider the benefits: Employer Benefits: • Productivity • Real estate and related costs • Turnover • Absenteeism

Employee Benefits • Gas • Work related expenses • Time

Community Savings: • Oil • Greenhouse gases • Accidents • Highway maintenance

Telecommute Connecticut! - a commuter service of the Connecticut Department of Transportation – is a comprehensive resource that helps employers design, implement and maintain a telecommuting program that enhances the bottom line and makes them the employer of choice.This telecommuting program includes

Telecommute Connecticut! Logo
  1. Goal setting

  2. Proposal Writing

  3. Program Design

  4. Training

  5. Human Resources

  6. Technology & Telephony

Also, check out this recent article/ white paper: The Numbers Don't Lie: The Benefits of Telecommuting It's hard to really understand the value of workshifting until you can see the benefits measured in hours, miles and dollars. This white paper from the Telework Research Network provides a quantitative synthesis of the potential benefits that regular telecommuting can offer companies, employees and communities. Download now:


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