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Great Energy & Ideas at Startup Weekend: Stamford, 04/01/2012


Congratulations to MyStuDebt for getting first place at Startup Weekend Stamford. The Teams in the second and third place were Be Beautiful and Agricomm Weather.

There were many terrific startup ideas presented, and many potential businesses in the pipeline. We look forward to seeing the success of groups move beyond this weekend.

Top Winners:

  1. 1st Place: MyStuDebt (Michelle Laviree and Amee Patel, @mystudebt): Helping students manage and repay their loans.

  1. 2nd Place: Be Beautiful (Katherine Yarborough): BeBeautiful is an online clothing exchange where women can buy and sell clothes and be a part of an online wellness community.

  2. 3rd PlaceAgricomm Weather (Linda Woods, #Agricomm): AgriComm Weather is a fully-customizable weather dashboard, created specifically for the agricultural commodity market.

Honourable Mention:

– Risknicity (Greg Berg, #Risknicity):Making buying car insurance as easy & as social as sharing photos on Facebook.

-Love Squadron (Kip Steele, #LoveSquadron)  Service that allows you to ask your friends to help you plan the perfect date.


Other Participants:

  1. Caregiver Roadmap

  2. Challenge Good

  3. Enerknol

  4. Gabinja                                                                    

  5. Palobo

  6. The SuperHero Academy

  7. Webcard

Thanks go to the:


Richard Blumenthal, US Senator for Connecticut


Jonathan Yarmis, Doctor Disruptive

Bob Dorf,Startups Owner Manual

Art Shulman, Former COO Priceline Gasoline

Erik Endress, CEO Share with 911

Joe Rutledge, Former CMO


Doug Campbell, CEO, SuccessCoach

Joe DeMarco, Ponus Ridge Investments

Richard Guha,Max Brand Equity

David Furth, Leap the Pond

Ira Yellen, First Experienc Communications

Leonard Vignola, Beacon Partners

Lafir Thassim, UBS Investment Bank

Michael Grunei,William Perrone (William and Diggins)

Kelly Hadous,Win The Room™


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