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East Haven Firm Links Crime Data To Connecticut Cops On The Road

Most police departments in the state could have iPads in the hands of at least a few officers out on the street in six to eight months — the next phase in public safety software technology.

Five police departments are now employing the electronic tablets using software from East Haven based NexGen Public Safety Solutions. The officers have access to the same information they would see in the station or in a patrol car.

NexGen, which started out in a small, 1,400-square-foot office on High Street in East Haven to a 5,800-square-foot Main Street office, has grown to serve 114 out of 169 police departments throughout the state, along with the University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus, Central Connecticut University Police and Connecticut’s Department of Public Safety, Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The software helps address public safety officers’ need to do more with less money, said John Travisano, chief development officer with NexGen. But more than that, it’s made everything electronic, drastically curtailing paperwork and duplicate processes, and automating the way documents are submitted to state courts and judicial agencies.

Here is the entire Hartford Courant article by Sameea Kamal.

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