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CTC Growth Cell Network: XcellR8 Update – Iron Duck

The next XcellR8 meeting will be held Thursday, April 14, 2011, from 8-9 am at Nerac.

Last month we heard from Mike Fleming at Iron Duck,, the world's leading provider of products to the emergency medical, fire fighting and law enforcement professional.  Mike benefitted from the group’s input and insights with respect to potential opportunities in the further extension of his unique brand.

This month we’ll hear from Edwin Siebesma whose meeting productivity tool is now approaching beta stage.  Edwin asks that meeting participants think about the efficiency and effectiveness of their meetings and what they see as pain points, if any.  And if pain points were visible, how did you try to resolve them?

Edwin also seeks  guidance about potential creative sales and distribution channels he might use once the product beta becomes public.  BTW, until the beta goes public – all discussions must remain private and confidential.  (the beta was released in May 2011)

In May, Robin Bienemann will introduce us to Jody Ferrer, CEO of Perfect Promotions.  Jody will bring her business challenge/question for our next monthly gathering.  And don’t forget that we’ll be reaching out to Keith Bessette in June to provide an update on the Shizzlr rollout.



Kevin Bouley President Nerac, Inc. One Technology Drive Tolland, CT  06084 (860) 872-7000 x-1156

Xcellr8 Innovation Cell

Our mission is to stimulate collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial activity between leaders and executives of the tech business and education communities.

It’s an opportunity to participate and share thoughts and ideas on how we can best work together to stimulate growth, create innovation and spur economic activity.

We feel it’s important to challenge the status quo, and construct a solid foundation for future growth by utilizing and developing talent that exists today in our region.

Cell Leader: Kevin Bouley, President of Nerac, Inc.  Cell Location: Tolland  Meeting time and location: 8:00 to 9:00 am, the second Thursday of each month at Nerac, Inc offices in Tolland, One Technology Drive, Tolland, 06084  - Meetings are for cell members only – if you are a technologist based in the Tolland area and are interested in joining the meetings, please contact: Contact: Kevin Bouley, cell leader,  or  Paige Rasid, (860) 289-0878, x335

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