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CT Angel Investor Tax Credit, FAQ’s for Businesses & Investors (Update!)


What is the Connecticut Angel Investor Tax Credit?

Included in the recently passed Bill 5435, Public Act No. 10-75, is the Angel Investor Tax Credit. It allows angel investors who invest at least $25,000 in a Connecticut start-up business in approved sectors to receive an income tax credit equaling 25% of their investment.

Who administers the Angel Investor Tax Credit?

Connecticut Innovations Inc. administers the tax credit under the guidelines put forth in Public Act No. 10-75.

Who qualifies as an Angel Investor?

An angel investor is an “accredited investor” under Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines. A group or network of such investors also qualifies.

The following do not qualify as angel investors:

  1. Investors who control more than 50% of the company receiving the investment

  2. A venture capital company

  3. “Any bank, bank and trust company, insurance company, trust company, national bank, savings association or building and loan association for activities that are a part of its normal course of business”

What businesses qualify for angel investment?

The business must:

  1. Engage in bioscience, advanced materials, photonics, information technology, clean technology, or an emerging technology, as determined by the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) commissioner.

  2. Have its principal place of business in Connecticut.

  3. Have gross revenues under $1,000,000 in its most recent income year.

  4. Have fewer than 25 employees, at least 75% of which must be Connecticut residents.

  5. Have operated in Connecticut for less than 7 consecutive years.

  6. Have received less than $2,000,000 in eligible angel investments.

  7. Be primarily owned by the business’ managers and their families.

  8. Have been identified by Connecticut Innovations (CI) as eligible for angel investment.

Are there limitations on the credit amount?

Angel Investors may not receive a credit larger than $250,000. The credit cannot exceed the total income tax owed by the investor for that year. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Revenue Services may not reserve an aggregate amount of tax credits for all investors that exceeds $6,000,000 per year for fiscal years 2011 and 2012 and $3,000,000 for every subsequent year until fiscal year 2019 when authorization for the tax credit expires.

Are there limitations on what can be done with the credit?

The credits cannot be transferred to other taxpayers.

How does a business apply to receive investment credits?

CI maintains a list of business that have applied and have been approved by CI to receive investments. The bill requires that CI’s executive director compiles the list, which categorizes businesses by the amount of cash investment sought and the type of qualified securities they offer, monthly. The list is then made available to angel investors. In order to apply for inclusion on this list, a business must provide the following:

  1. Its name and a copy of its organizational documents.

  2. A business plan describing the business and its management, product, market, and financial plans.

  3. A description of its innovative and proprietary technology, product, or service.

  4. A statement of its potential economic impact, including the number, types, and location of jobs it expects to create.

  5. A description of the qualified securities it offers, their cost, and the amount of cash investment sought.

  6. The amount, timing, and projected use of the proceeds from the sale of these securities.

  7. Any other information CI may require.

How does an investor access the credits?

An investor must first apply to CI to reserve tax credits. At this time the investor must identify the business to be invested in and the amount that is planning on being invested.

When can the credit be claimed?

Investors must claim the credit in the same year that he or she invested the funds; however, unused credits may be carried forward for up to 5 years.

For complete information:

To apply for the tax credit as an investor, or to get your company approved for investor credits, visit: From this site, a business may apply to become a “qualified business” thereby establishing it as eligible to receive angel investments. Angel Investors may complete the Angel Investor Certification/ Request for Tax Credit Reservation Form available on the Web site in order to make eligible investments in qualified businesses.

For additional information about the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program please contact Stepheni Harpin, Investment Analyst at

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