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Connecticut to launch University Research Park in Storrs

Seeks To Emulate Success Of Triangle Park In North Carolina – $18 million to be borrowed and tech park would be ready in a few years… a study suggested the average tech park could lead to 750 new jobs.

This will be a great boon for Storrs and that area.

The NC Research Triangle has been held as a model – check out this paper re: NC's research triangle:

" More than 15 years ago, researchers found that as many as one half of all the parks that are announced fail in the incubation stage or in the early consolidation stage. And of those that survive, many are converted from research to more general business parks… For any region, the key to creating a prosperous research park is to find the right mix of opportunity, assets and leadership. Good timing and luck help too."

Interested in the potential for Industry and Universities to work together? From either side of the table?

Scott Case of Startup America will lead the rallying cry for entrepreneurship in Connecticut, with a keynote at the Crossroads Venture Connection Event on May 25, 2011, UConn Storrs Student Union:

"Connecting Opportunities: Driving Innovation Through University Resources"

A graduate of UConn, co-founder of Priceline – a Connecticut startup turned household name, Scott Case will speak from his unique perspective as long-time CT resident, Startup and Large company CTO, and now, from his place as CEO of the Startup America Partnership – an independent, private-sector organization created to respond to President Obama’s Startup America initiative, a White House campaign to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation.

Hear success stories of large companies that have driven innovation with the partnership of university resources and stories by small companies that have launched with critical university assistance. The program will be followed by purposeful networking.

Basic event details: Date: May 25, 2011 Time: 3:00 – 7:00 pm Location: UConn, Student Union Theater & Ballrooms, Storrs, CT

Fees to attend: $50.00 general registration Students attend free with pre-registration $40.00 for CVG, AIF, ACG, CTC members

Who should attend: Risk capital investors, entrepreneurs, inventors – anyone with an interest in technology commercialization with a particular eye towards utilization of academic resources available in our top universities.

What to expect: Energy, enthusiasm, and practical steps for navigating the route from invention to commercialization. Two seperate breakout panels – one for large company business development and one for early stage entrepreneurs, have been designed to illustrate how to drive innovation using university resources.

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