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Connecticut Technology Council Seeks Nominees for Fifth Annual Women of Innovation Awards Program

Nomination Deadline is November 7, 2008 Awards Program Honors Women Leaders in Technology, Science and Engineering (HARTFORD, Conn. September 15, 2008) – Do you know a women whose outstanding work in science, technology or engineering should be recognized? The Women of Innovation Planning Committee of the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) is seeking candidates from throughout Connecticut for its Fifth Annual Women of Innovation awards program, which recognizes women – both those in the workforce and students – who are innovators, role models and leaders in their fields. Award recipients in eight categories will be recognized during the 2009 Women of Innovation Awards Dinner at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington on January 29, 2009. Nominees may be researchers, educators, managers, business owners or service providers in technology, science or engineering, and may work in fields including biotech, pharmaceuticals, telecom, software, computer hardware, electronics, alternative energy nanotech, medical devices, IT, networks, communications and robotics. These women should exhibit the energy that powers a company or institution and should be hard working, entrepreneurial, motivated to excel and inspirational to others. “This program honors women who have successfully navigated the challenges of being a leader in their field,” said Kristin Muschett, President and CEO of HABCO, Inc. and recipient of the Small Business Innovation and Leadership award in 2008. “While every story is unique, each of these women had a vision of success and mapped out their own path to get there. Even though glass ceilings and barriers for women are being challenged every day, we still need to share these stories as inspiration and encouragement to our daughters and other women pursuing their own careers.” In addition to honoring women’s amazing achievements in technology, science and engineering, this awards program celebrates their status as esteemed role models,” added Beth Alquist, chair of the planning committee for the Women of Innovation awards program. “These are women whom both their peers and women, in general, admire and respect, and they are an inspiration for the innovators and leaders in the future.” High school, undergraduate or graduate students who are excelling as young inventors, are academically proficient in a science of technology curriculum or have experienced an extraordinary and unique accomplishment in technology are also eligible for the awards. “Our past winners inspire other women to become involved,” said Matthew Nemerson, President and CEO of the Connecticut Technology Council. “The program provides the invaluable opportunity to find camaderie and a professional network of other women who strive for excellence. Each year, the number of applicants grows.” To submit a nomination or view the full list of criteria for the Women of Innovation Awards, visit the CTC’s Web site, or contact Mike Scricca at (860) 289-0878 x 334 or with questions regarding the program or nomination guidelines.

The deadline for nominations is November 7, 2008 About the Connecticut Technology Council The Connecticut Technology Council is the state’s industry association for the technology sector. CTC’s mission is to “connect people, ideas and opportunities to the global technology and innovation community.” CTC provides members with business assistance and specialized programs, in addition to promoting and supporting public policies that position Connecticut to have a globally recognized “culture of innovation” that helps attract great ideas and entrepreneurs to develop new jobs and wealth for the state.

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