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Connecticut Skills Challenge 2015-2016

The Connecticut Skills Challenge connects talented, tech savvy students to Connecticut’s hottest technology companies

About the Skills Challenge

The Connecticut Skills Challenge provides tech-savvy students with the opportunity to get noticed.

Through participation in the Connecticut Skills Challenge (coding and engineering contest) students from universities and colleges are tested on their skills. Once challenged, students are included in an online directory where tech companies search for local talent and invited to our Job Fairs.

The Challenge Finals

Join us on December 3, 2016 at the Yale School of Management for the Coding Skills Challenge Final and Job Fair.

Yale School of Management

For Students

Our 2016 Set of Skills Challenges have been completed, but we expect to hold more in 2017 – Let us know that you want to participate in the Skills Challenge: Register now!

Is your school not registered? Let’s change that. Take advantage of our practice challenge where you can dust of your skills! Lessons 3 & 5 will be particularly helpful!

The Coding Skills Challenge consists of 2 programming questions, 1 SQL question, and an HTML question for extra credit. Use the language that you are most comfortable with!  Our Challenge recognizes all of the languages listed below but you just need to choose what you know best!

The Engineering Skills Challenge is a group challenge and a specific topic for the team to engineer a solution.  All areas of engineering can be applied.

For Universities

Want to get your college or university involved in the Skills Challenge? Here is what you have to do:

  1. Register your school–  contact  Katie Magboo, Manager of Talent & Workforce Programs; 860.289-0878, x340

  2. Ready your campus– select a date, location and time to host your Skills Challenge!

  3. Recruit students to take the challenge.


If you have questions about the Connecticut Skills Challenge, please contact us: Kaitie Magboo | Manager of Talent & Workforce Programs | 860.289.0878, x340

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