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Connecticut – Coworking Towards the Future

Finding ways for great ideas and innovative solutions to evolve from brain cells to the store shelves is one of our biggest preoccupations. A recent workplace trend blossoming in Connecticut is looking to provide the facilities, atmosphere, and spirit to assist entrepreneurs in their most basic task- simply getting the work done.

This new paradigm in business workspace, known as coworking spaces, offers standard office staples- tables and chairs, electricity and internet, printing and scanning, and of course coffee- the sort of things you need to function as a budding business, but also a unique community of others in the same situation you’re in. Coworkers by a degree of separation.

Working side by side with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, thinkers, and tinkers allows for a highly fertile and powerfully productive ambiance in which to do, create, change, and sell. Coworking allows you the opportunity to get out of your home, or out of a crowded coffee shop, and become more productive in a real office setting at a fraction of the price. It works on a subscription basis, or alternatively, on a pay-as-you-come system.

Think of it like a gym membership- it makes more sense, for most people, at least, to pay a little bit per month or per year to share the tread mill and the dumbbells with your neighbors at the fitness center than it does to buy your own equipment. The same principle applies to a young company, who wants to have functional business space, yet is unable or unwilling to use precious capital resources to invest in an office of their own, stocked with furniture, rent, and insurance.

Joining a coworking space has been working for many individuals and teams throughout the state. If it sounds like it might be the right fit for you, here is a list of the active coworking spaces available in Connecticut at this time. Check them out to discover more about how the system works, and details on their particular facilities. And if you find a coworking space we don’t know about yet, please let us know!

Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

B:Hive BridgeportBridgeport203-873-2008reSET Incubator & Coworking SpaceHartford860.560.9120Axis901Manchester860-647-6029The GroveNew Haven203.654.9676The BourseNew Haven203.980.8202group88Simsbury860.658.9777SONO SpacesSouth Norwalk203 838 5555Stamford Innovation CenterStamford203.226.8701The Soundview ClubStamford203.359.9333

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