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Connecticut #9 in 2010 State Tech & Science Index by Milken Institute

Connecticut fell to #9 in 2010 index released today. In its 2010 State Technology and Science Index, the Milken Institute ranks states that are investing in technology and science sectors, creating jobs, and expanding their economies as a result of these investments. The report — which is based on 79 indicators such as federal research and development funding, venture capital investment, and percentage of population with advanced degrees — serves as a benchmark for states to take stock of their science and technology potential.

The first State Technology and Science Index in 2002 made it apparent that successful state and regional economic development is tied to harnessing and nurturing their local assets. This latest edition of the index, done in the wake of the recent downturn, builds on the lessons learned in the past eight years. Read the full report online at:'s Stats:

Overall Ranking* State Overall Ranking »RankAverage ScoreYear966.562010770.1820081066.262004868.582002

Human Capital Investment Composite Index State Subcomponents »RankAverage ScoreYear 570.292010 473.812008 667.222004 668.902002Research and Development Inputs Composite Index* State Subcomponents »RankAverage ScoreYear 769.992010 772.392008 1365.012004 1165.692002Risk Capital and Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Composite Index* State Subcomponents »RankAverage ScoreYear 366.392010 1166.362008 1264.442004 672.892002Technology and Science Work Force Composite Index* State Subcomponents »RankAverage ScoreYear 1464.942010 972.122008 971.222004 969.222002Technology Concentration and Dynamism Composite Index* State Subcomponents »RankAverage ScoreYear 1861.202010 1466.202008 1463.402004 1466.202002

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