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CCAT Expands Office Space in East Hartford

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technologies is a mixed-setting work space, with offices, laboratories, conference rooms, and other business infrastructure geared towards tech start-ups and related organizations.  Their facilities, located in East Hartford near the base of Founders Bridge, where we at the Connecticut Technology Council make our home, announced Wednesday that they’re expanding.

After a restructuring and reorganizing endeavor, CCAT is ready to offer an an additional 2,500 square feet of office and work space on Pitkin Street.  Their press release outlined a plan to add 10 more offices to the more than 30 it boasts now.

CCAT is also the facilitator of the State’s Small Business Incubator Grant Program, which can award nascent tech companies with a sum of up to $30,000, if they qualify.

For more information, visit their website and this related article in the Hartford Courant.Related articles

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