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Bob Dorf Speaking at FairCo TEEM on Wednesday, June 20.

…or maybe it’s you. Maybe you or your friend should just start coding or hiring people to code, forge, build, weave or do whatever needs to be done to get to market fast.

Or maybe you should consider an approach where you really apply customer research to discover the Minimum Viable Product.  So that you launch with something that meets an unmet need and doesn’t add anything unnecessary.  And maybe there’s a book that can help you, step by step, discover a product that customers really, really want.

Oh yeah, there is a book.   It’s called The Startup Owners Manual and it was written by Steve Blank and Stamford’s own Bob Dorf, founder and CEO Dorf and Stanton Communications, 1to1/Peppers + Rogers Inc., etc.

Bob Dorf will be speaking at FairCo TEEM on Wednesday, June 20.  Bob has a great deal to share and everyone will learn a lot at this event. So please forward this note to your friend with that great startup idea. Or just come on down to the Stamford Innovation Center at 175 Atlantic St, Stamford, CT. Register here.

FYI, Parking is free in downtown Stamford after 6.  If you park at the Stamford Mall and walk over, it only costs $4.00


Bob Dorf is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School and the co-author, with Steve Blank, of The Startup Owner’s Manual. Sign-up here.

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