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2011 Tech CEO Forum

The 2011 Tech CEO Forum was held at The Farms in Wallingford. The event began with a visit from governor Dan Malloy, who had an open conversation about jobs in Connecticut. The Governer pledged himself to work with technology companies to promote jobs and innovation. This was followed by networking, a complimentary dinner, and keynote speech given by Dean Hatton, President & CEO of HigherOne.

“Higher One’s culture is one that encourages each employee to be accountable, productive and critical to the success of the company, but to also have fun and enjoy the work. It does this by embracing each employee and by rewarding, recognizing and appreciating people for introducing creative ideas and accomplishing good things.”

Introduction by Matthew Nemerson, President & CEO of the Connecticut Technology Council

Governor Malloy talks with CEOs of tech companies from across Connecticut about job creation and the state’s future in the technology industry. Malloy’s introductory speech is followed by an extensive question and answer section designed to start a dialogue between business and government leaders.

Introduction: Steve Jackson – Partner, J.H. Cohn

Keynote: Dean Hatton – CEO, Higher One

Higher One CEO, Dean Hatton, speaks to a group of Connecticut CEOs at the 2011 Tech CEO Forum presented by the Connecticut Technology Council. The keynote includes information on Hatton’s own company and his advice on building a great culture to fuel success.

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