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2007 Annual Meeting & Holiday Party

Over 150 CTC members and guests celebrated with the 2007 Innovation Excellence Award Winner, Open Solutions Inc., at the recent CTC Annual Meeting and Holiday Party on December 6, 2007.

2007 Innovation Excellence Award Winner, Open Solutions Inc.

A CTC tradition, the Innovation Excellence Award is given to the CTC member which has displayed technology leadership in its industry vertical, grabbed increasing market share, and been recognized for innovation by its peers or trade groups and industry analysts.   Open Solutions has been a leader in providing banks, credit unions and other financial services providers with the types of innovative software to better serve and relate to their customers as well as provide new opportunities to increase business. Read more…

2007 Public Policy Leadership Award Winner, Gary LeBeau

The crowd then cheered for Gary LeBeau, winner of the 2007 Public Policy Leadership Award. Mr. LeBeau, a Democrat from East Hartford, has consistently supported the Council’s technology economic development efforts. As co-chair of the Commerce Committee, he was behind last year’s efforts to get an angel investment tax credit bill passed. Read on…

2007 Volunteer of the Year, Tony Allen

CTC then recognized Tony Allen with the 2007 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Tony has brought his “process and operations” background to the CTC and has worked to refine the CTC Innovation Development strategy for the benefit of CTC Members. He has been the consummate contributor. Read more…

CTC Business

CTC business was also conducted with Chair, David Reisner calling the Annual Meeting to order and Board Secretary, Vinny Kiernan, announcing the slate of board members up for election.

The slate was unanimously approved by the membership, expanding the breath of expertise and reach of influence to the CTC board.

Congratulations to the New and Returning Board Members:

Tony Allen, Managing Partner, The Impact Group

Victor Budnick, Partner, Ironwood Capital (NEW)

Brian Charette, VP Information Services, Foxwoods Casino (NEW)

James Cioban, President & CEO, Cierant Corporation

Jennifer Good President & CEO, Penwest Pharmaceuticals (NEW)

Rick Heubner, President, Visual Technologies (NEW)

John Kreitler, Partner, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP

Peter Longo, President & CEO, Connecticut Innovations (NEW)

Joe Lubenstein, Industry Partnership Coordinator, Gr Htfd Acad. of Math & Science (NEW)

Kevin Morris, Engagement Manager, Microsoft (NEW)

Elaine Pullen, President, Innovation & Technology Strategies, LLC

Eric Rosow, CEO and Founder, Premise Development Corp. (NEW)

Al Subbloie, President & CEO, Tangoe, Inc.

Rick Suarez, VP Network Services, AT&T Connecticut (NEW)

President and CEO, Matthew Nemerson and the CTC community took a moment to thank Sponsors, Members and Staff for their committment to the CTC.

Click here to view the CTC Annual Meeting Slideshow

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