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Darren DeMartino - Board Member

Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC), Inc.


Darren DeMartino has been a technology advisor for over 30 years and has been a principal at Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) since founding the firm in 1999. DeMartino has been at the forefront of the telecom-IT convergence, modeling an innovative practice to help organizations create business value from IT, cloud and cybersecurity.


With strategic technology decisions moving increasingly into the C-Suite, DeMartino has become a trusted advisor and solution identifier for complex IT technology decisions. Expertise includes strategic consulting, digital IT road mapping, technology strategy and migration, and project management—all wrapped around voice, network, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions.


DeMartino is an adept troubleshooter with a proven track record of helping global enterprises overcome provider- and network-related challenges, while implementing next-gen IT technologies.


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