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Chris Allen - Board Member

iDevices, Inc.


Chris Allen is the President of iDevices, the preeminent brand and development partner in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. In 2009, Chris invented the iGrill, the first app-enabled product that had its debut in Apple stores in November, 2010. This product launch was at the start of the IoT era and Chris has continued to develop iDevices into the leader in this market. In 2016, Weber-Stephens Products LLC acquired iGrill, allowing iDevices to focus even more heavily on on the connected Smart Home space. In April of 2017, Hubbell Incorporated acquired iDevices, solidifying their place in the forefront of the home automation market and bringing a vastly larger audience to their product lines. Today, Chris works with his team to strategically plan the company’s product and partnership roadmap, manage strategic relationships, and Business Development.

Prior to iDevices, Chris comes from an investment background having worked for over 15 years for A.G. Edwards & Sons (now Wells Fargo Investments), Prudential Financial and Allstate.

Chris’ philosophy when it comes to smart home technology, has consistently been about providing the consumer best user experience possible and enhancing their everyday life. In an effort to do this, he believes it’s paramount that the technology be directly integrated into the home. Chris believes that, “Technology should be invisible to the user and any device should merely exist to enhance the users’ daily life.”

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