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Alan Mendelson - Board Member

Axiom Venture Partners


CTC’s Assistant Treasurer and Vice Chair of the Task Force II Technology-based Economic Development (TBED) Committee, Alan Mendelson is a Founder and General Partner of Axiom Venture Partners, a firm with over $200 million under management that invests in both IT and Health Sciences, particularly Biotechnology. Prior to founding the venture capital firm, Mr. Mendelson had a 24-year career in investments at Aetna Life & Casualty where he was responsible for building its $135 million venture capital portfolio of direct and partnership investments that led to realizations of over $400 million. He was also a Founder of Thermoscan, now a $100 million subsidiary of Gillette. He presently serves on the board of one public company, and is a Director or observer on five. Mr. Mendelson has also been involved in technology development in the State of Connecticut for over 20 years.

He chaired the finance committee of the first Technology High Tech Task Force under Governor O’Neill in 1984 and since then has been involved in several other initiatives. He currently is a member of the Investment Committee of Connecticut Innovations, and a Director of the Connecticut Technology Council and the MIT Enterprise Forum. He has received the Leadership Award from the Connecticut Venture Group, of which he was a prior President, as well as the Distinguished Service Award for Connecticut Innovations.

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