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Tech Company Membership

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Tech Company Membership is designed for companies ranging from 2 to over 500+ employees; for these companies, technology is often a driving force to their business. 

All memberships include:

  • Business Development Opportunities

  • Peer-to-peer Professional Networking & Development

  • Discounted/Free Admission to CTC Events


Tech Company Membership has five tiers, based on the number of employees.​

  1. Tier 1 is for companies with 2 to 19 employees and is $500/year

  2. Tier 2 is for companies with 20 to 99 employees and is $750/year

  3. Tier 3 is for companies with 100 to 249 employees and is $1500/year

  4. Tier 4 is for companies with 250 to 499 employees and is $2,500/year

  5. Tier 5 is for companies with over 500 employees and is $7,500/year

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