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U.S. Manufacturing Sector Report on Jobs

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) released a new report that uses real-time labor market information data (web-based job advertisements) to analyze the U.S. manufacturing sector for the first half of 2011. Using Labor Insight, a web tool that aggregates data about web-advertised job openings, co-authors Lauren Gilchrist, Ken Poole and Mark White highlighted several important characteristics of anticipated manufacturing hiring:

  1. Manufacturers posted nearly 669,000 web-advertised job postings over the first six months of 2011;

  2. An overwhelming number of manufacturing jobs advertised online (91 percent) are not directly related to production activities;

  3. Manufacturing job openings were concentrated in major metropolitan areas;

  4. Almost one in four manufacturing job openings was in just three industries (computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing; aerospace product and parts manufacturing; and pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing);

  5. Over half of the openings within manufacturing required more than a high school diploma;

  6. Twenty-five percent of production-related jobs required educational attainment beyond a high school diploma;

  7. Many of the occupations (e.g., sales and management positions, engineering positions and production) within manufacturing required previous experience; and,

  8. Only seven percent of available manufacturing jobs identified a specific certification requirement

The authors hope that this report provides a framework for a repeatable, regular study that addresses three important questions to policymakers and jobseekers:

  1. Where are the advanced manufacturing jobs?

  2. Who is hiring?

  3. What preparation do workers seeking jobs in today's manufacturing sector need?

Read the report…

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