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Job Search Startup Krazoom Seeks to Take Guess Work Out of Employment Hunt

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KRAZOOM is a database of job postings that allows job seekers to select requirements that match their skill set, instead of typing in keywords in a trial-and-error process, which is how most other online job boards, like, work.

Today, KRAZOOM has over 200,000 daily job postings, but a challenge the company faces is convincing more employers to list open positions. Seip said KRAZOOM will try to attract employers through its partnership with the Stamford Innovation Center, a tech incubator where Seip holds regular workshops on how to overcome the job search process.

Although Seip isn’t making money from KRAZOOM yet, he expects to start earning revenue later this year when he starts charging employers to list jobs. Seip wouldn’t disclose what he would charge, or what the market potential is for his business.

Peter Propp, vice president of marketing for the Stamford Innovation Center, said Seip’s technology has helped startups find qualified job seekers. “With unemployment in the state at 8 percent, jobseekers are looking for new innovative ways to circumvent the job search process,” said Propp. “KRAZOOM offers that new solution.”

Read Becky Bergman’s entire article from the Hartford Business Journal here.

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