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Connecticut IT Jobs Report January 2011

January 2011 – The year 2010 ended for job seekers without fanfare. In December, employers removed outdated job postings but did not post replacements. This left the job market with 4.7% fewer job opportunities than in November. Nevertheless we believe that employers will be more active in the 2011 job market than in 2010. The successful holiday shopping season, the slow but steady growth of payroll as well and a stream of other good economic news leave us to believe that 2011 will bring more relief for job seekers. All industries posted less demand except for Healthcare.

Other job markets in the area declined as well. In the New York Metro area employers posted 1.7% fewer opportunities while in Massachusetts job seekers found 3.3% fewer postings. The national average remained unchanged.

This report is getting stale: This report seems to fit in with national trends.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the employment change in the information industry as a whole remained relatively flat in June.  Similarly, the unemployment rate stayed fairly stable, seeing a modest decrease down to 9.5%.  As a state, Connecticut unemployment also remained flat at 8.8% in June. This rate was 8.9% in May.

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