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Connecticut is 8th Nationally in Patents Issues

Connecticut ranks 8th with 102.8 patents per 100,000 workers.  Which is -2.7% over the last 5 years -2009 vs. 2004.

Useful Stats: Patents Issued per 100,000 Employees by State, FY 2004-2009 – full chart at:

SSTI has prepared a table of U.S patents issued per 100,000 employees by state between FY 2004-2009. The table also includes rankings for each year and the percentage change over the entire five-year period. Overall U.S. patenting per 100,000 employees increased 8.4 percent last year, and 2.4 percent between 2004 and 2009. The data reveals few geographic trends, though the three states with the greatest decrease in patenting activity per employee over the five year period were in the U.S. Mountain region. Idaho, South Dakota and Montana experienced the largest percentage declines, though South Dakota and Montana’s generally low patenting rates render the losses less remarkable.

Washington (State) and Vermont top the list in Patents Issue per 100,000 workers. Read the full SSTI Weekly Digest article …

 Attributed to: State Science & Technology Institute

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